Our Team

Wayne Cameron Eldred – President & CEO
David Valencia – Executive Vice President of A/V
Ron Jakubisin – Vice President of Advertising and Marketing
Carlos Heilemann – Vice President of Finance and HR
Armador “Greg” Gilman – Vice President of Technology/ Music, Band and DJs
Terreyl Kirton (T.K) – Executive Technical Director & Project Manager
Kristina Karina Chung – Vice President of Photography & Videography
Rodney Rigg – Vice President of Development
Debbie Alprendre – Vice President of Models and Entertainment
Aaron Licardo – Director of Catering services
Maribel Cordova Ramirez – Vice President of Corporate Events
Lea Cerdido – Executive Director of Corporate Events.

1211 Mariana Ave, Coral Gables, Florida,33134