Yani Ramos


Yani Ramos

– Master Mixologist

– Yani Ramos, is always excited to create the perfect approachable but unique cocktail experience, which will captivate all of the senses. Yani has had a successful career in hospitality management and mixology for over 15 years, and has had the privilege to work alongside top chefs on various projects. These experiences have given her the capability of wearing multiple leadership hats within the industry.

As a master mixologist she has been able to combine her creative skillset and innovative mind to successfully design & produce branded events for private clients, South Beach Wine & Food Festival , Babël NYC, Gospel NYC, LVMH, and many more. She has a unique ability to combine vision and resources in order to bring life to brands while creating experiential marketing programs. Her intrepid nature and adventurous spirit propelled her journey as she worked in different cities for some of the greatest minds in the World including Noma Mexico by Rene Redzepi, The Aviary by Alinea Group led by Chef Grant Achatz, and New York City’s No.1 World’s Best Restaurant Eleven Madison Park by Chef Daniel Humm.

Yani’s obsessive passion for the Food & Beverage industry began in her formative years, raised by her grandmother, who was a talented chef, restaurateur, and food pioneer. Bringing her 15 years of hospitality experience to the scene, Yani is a dynamic artist who revels in her craft and brings energy, creativity and collaboration to her work. 

As a liquid chef she explores profiles and techniques available within culinary while translating them into fun, approachable, and beautiful cocktails. She takes pride in designing programs to incorporate integrity, quality ingredients, and local flavors by working alongside regional and international beverage suppliers. Yani’s aim is to combine international scope to help clients find their identity while creating unforgettable experiences that fuse art, culture and music. Her greatest goal is to help concept and encapsulate the passion into the hospitality experience.