Mapping and Holographic Projection

Hologram means the “whole message” from its Greek origins and in modern production it is the three-dimensional presentation of an image.  Usually created by lasers, holographic projections can depict people, products, logos and videos.  The most common are projections in a fog mist on stage as you might see at concerts or using a plexiglass screen tilted at a 45-degree angle with a projector below.  A newer 3-D option is the HYPERVSN system which can create visuals for walls, as signs or depict a product at point of sale.

Projection mapping places images on surfaces like the outside of a building or about any object.  After images are created or captured on video, software is used to accurately place the images on the surfaces a client wants to use.

Brown Label offers custom mapping and holographic presentations or pre-programed displays and visuals.

• Displays

• Shows

• Product Presentations

• Art Installations

• Advertising

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